Mel studied Graphic Design at Farnborough College in the 1990s. She is a self-taught artist who has been evolving her portfolio over the past 10 years, whilst exploring different painting techniques. She finally decided to turn her passion for art into a profession after 2008. Being an admirer of Graphic art, Mel loves spending time researching and interacting with artists from around the world using Social Media. She often sketches ideas in between looking after her family and producing commission work. These sketches are then translated into larger studio pieces.

Mel has experimented with several mediums, such as pastels, watercolour and pencil, but acrylic tends to be her most preferred medium. Being self-taught and self-represented artist gives her the freedom and proficiency to express herself in acrylics, her work has evolved through her own personal experience. The internet has always been her greatest source of information and techniques. She strives to improve her craft with every picture she paints.

Mel works from her Studio in Somerset.

If you would like to commission or collab with me please send an email to


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